Isolate Subject

For students who are not regularly enrolled in the Graduate Program in Automation and Systems Engineering, but wish to attend a PPGEAS course, the student modality in an isolated course is offered.

In this modality, the student attends the discipline normally from the beginning of classes, as long as there is a place available, the consent of the professor of the subject, and the approval of the coordination. At first, only one subject can be taken per term.

The enrollment of a student in an isolated subject is done through a specific form (link).

The courses taken in this modality are not automatically revalidated when the student enrolls in the regular masters and doctoral courses at PPGEAS. Revalidation depends on the advisor’s consent.

Students who have already taken an isolated subject can only enroll again if the previous performance meets the following restrictions:

  • for second enrollment, the achievement index must be 2 (equivalent to concept C);
  • for third enrollment, the achievement rate must be 2.5;
  • for fourth or fifth enrollment, the achievement index must be 3 (equivalent to concept B);
  • for admission as a regular student, the achievement rate must be 3.

Applications can be made by email ( as long as the student has all the necessary documentation:

  • form (signed by the subject professor);
  • Academic transcripts (Graduation or Master);
  • CV Lattes or professional;
  • Identity card.