Faculty Members

Alexandre Trofino Neto

  • Research Interests: Analysis and control of uncertain systems, nonlinear systems, and systems with switching structures; applications in refrigeration system control, wind power systems, and the brain-computer interface.
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Carlos Barros Montez

  • Research Interests: Real-Time Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Middleware, Adaptive Scheduling, Digital Interactive TV.
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 Daniel Ferreira Coutinho

  • Research Interests: Robust Nonlinear Control, Filtering and State Estimation, Quantized Systems and Applications to Biotechnology, Robotics, Power Electronics and Energy Systems.
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 Daniel Juan Pagano

  • Research Interests: Nonlinear Dynamic Systems, Nonlinear Control, Control applications in power electronics, microgrids and renewable energies. Instrumentation for flow measurement in multiphase flows.
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 Edson Roberto de Pieri

  • Research Interests: Robotics, Control Theory, Nonlinear Systems, Mechatronics Systems.
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Eduardo Camponogara

  • Research Interests: Systems Optimization, Distributed Optimal Control, Distributed MPC,  Application in Oil and Energy Systems.
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Eugênio de Bona Castelan Neto

  • Research Interests: Multivariate Control, Constrained Control, Mechatronics Systems.
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Felipe Gomes de Oliveira Cabral

  • Research Interests: Discrete Event Systems (SEDs), SED fault diagnosis, SED Supervisory Control and Smartgrids.
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Jean-Marie Farines

  • Research Interests: Modeling and Verification of Discrete Event Sytems, Embedded Systems Development, Networks and Distributed Systems.
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Jomi Fred Hübner

  • Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Multiagent Systems.
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José Eduardo Ribeiro Cury

  • Research Interests: Control, Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems, Performance Evaluation.
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Júlio Elias Normey Rico

  • Research Interests: Predictive Control, Dead-time Systems, Energy Systems, Oil and Natural Gas.
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Leandro Buss Becker

  • Research Interests: Modeling and Design of Cyber-Physical and Real-Time Embedded Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Applications with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).
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Luiz Cláudio Villar dos Santos

  • Research Interests: Embedded Systems, Modeling and Functional Verification of Integrated Hardware and Software Systems.
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Marcelo Ricardo Stemmer

  • Research Interests: Computer Vision, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Pattern Recognition (Neural Networks, HMM, SVM, GMM, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, etc.), Applications to Automation and Mobile Robotics.
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Marcelo De Lellis Costa de Oliveira

  • Research Interests: Airborne wind energy (AWE), system modeling, control design, filtering and estimation, and industrial automation.
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Max Hering de Queiroz

  • Research Interests: Discrete Event Systems.
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Nestor Roqueiro

  • Research Interests: Control, Modeling and Mechatronics.
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Ricardo Alexandre Reinaldo de Moraes

  • Research Interests: Real-Time Systems, Networks for Industrial Applications, Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems.
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Ricardo José Rabelo

  • Research Interests: Virtual Enterprises and Collaborative Networks, Systems Integration and Software Engineering, Performance Evaluation.
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Rodolfo César Costa Flesch

  • Research Intersts: Process Control, Measurement Instrumentation and Automation, Predictive Control.
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Rodrigo Castelan Carlson

  • Research Interests: Control and Automation Applied to Traffic Systems and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).
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Rômulo Silva de Oliveira

  • Research Interests:  Real-Time Systems, Operational Systems.
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Ubirajara Franco Moreno

  • Research Interests: Nonlinear Systems, Mechatronic Systems.
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Werner Kraus Junior

  • Research Interests: Control and Automation Applied of Traffic Systems and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).
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In Memorian

Guilherme Bittencourt

  • Research Interests: Multiagent Systems, Expert Systems, Knowledge Representation.
  • Doctoral Degree: Universitat Karlsruhe, Germany (1990)
  • Postdoctoral Degree: IRIT – Université Toulouse I, France (2003 – 2004)
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