Lines of Research

Area of Concentration: Control, Automation and Systems

1) Research on Control

Modeling, Simulation and Identification of Systems, Control of  Dynamic Continuous-Time, Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems, Instrumentation and Measurement for Control and Automation.

2) Research on Automation and Mechatronic Systems

Robotic Manipulation, Mobile Robotics, Computer Vision System, Urban Traffic Control, Virtual Enterprises and Collaborative Networks, Actuators.

3) Research on Computer Systems

Real-Time Systems, Fault Tolerance and Security, Networks and Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Informatics;

4) Research on Automation, Control, Optimization and Instrumentation for Oil and Gas Industries

Regulatory and Advanced Control of Oil and Gas Industry Processes, Predictive Control and Real-Time Optimization, Oil Production Optimization, Instrumentation for Oil and Gas Industry Processes, Automation of Oil and Gas Production Platforms